What is an Electric Drying Rack?

The drying rack including manual and the electrically operated two kinds generally but nowadays more and more people enjoy to use an electric drying rack to hang out their clothes.

The electric drying rack also calls electric clothes rack which is a machine to lift clothes up and down and control by a switch or a remote controller. Some products even have the hot wind blowing and UV light function so that the clothes can dry quickly even though on a rainy day. Such convenient tools in the home.

electric drying rack picture

The main parts in electric clothes rack

Generally, the main components are including rack host, wind frame, and clothes airing retractable rods.

The rack host is the most complicated part that needs to wire to the power and it not only including the UV light and air blower, but the switch (such as the micro switch, touch switch, relay, and so on) as well. But the wind frame and rods are much simple, you just need to make sure you can according to the specification installing way.

How a micro switch work in electric clothes rack?

In fact, the microswitch are used to limit the position of the retractable rods to prevent the excessive stretch and shrink. So that the machine won’t be damaged. Even the micro switch as a unimpressive small parts, it is also important.

The tips for micro switch selection

Firstly, we need to understand the circuit design and the rating requirement for the micro switch. For example, in most of the European countries, the voltage is 220VAC so we need to use a switch that can reach 220V at least. To make sure they are suitable, we use a 250VAC switch generally. The electric current is the same thing.

Secondly, what circuit code you need? Are they normally Closed or normally open? Which is depended on your engineer’s design.

Thirdly, which function you need? You may need to consider they are waterproof or non-waterproof, as I know, most of them are non-waterproof type.

Finally, the certification. If a factory may need the certificates for the micro switch. For example, Europe needs ENEC, America and Oceania need UL, Asia needs CQC, and so on.

micro switch in the electric clothes rack