The micro switch also calls a microswitch or snap action switch, controls on-off for the home appliance in SPST, SPDT contact, with different terminals and levels for customized services. In order to fit different equipment and appliances, the switches as a part are designed in different sizes, different shapes, different functions. Such as subminiature, mini, large size, waterproof and non-waterproof function, and so on. Zing ear brand is a perennial experience of microswitch supplier since 1983, are your reliable partner and switch counselor in China. Our switch can replace for Omron, Cherry, Honeywell, Hartmann, logitech etc. Such as item V3-1, z15g1701, dc1 6a250, d2fc f 7n, VMN 15 15a, 83170.0, hk 14, crouzet 83181, and so on.


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