Zing Ear Lampholder has porcelain, phenolic, plastic bases for options. Meanwhile, it has the G24, E11, E12, E14, E17, E26 for choices, which can according to customers’ requirements. In fact, our lamp holders are popular in American and Europe. For example, the Zing Ear ZE-310D lampholder, ZE-310D with 109M push chain switch, ZE-301b/301, ZE-309-3, ZE-306P, and so on. Both of them are high quality and popular.

Besides, our holders have the certificates of cUL, UL, SCA, CQC, CE, PSE JET, and so on. If anything you need can send the requirement to us. So, all in all, no matter which types, rating, or certification in lamp holder, they are all available from us.