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G6 Miniature Micro Switch Features

The G6 Miniature Micro Switch series is small in size and high quality, widely used in household appliances and auto parts such as Timmer, Pump, Computer, Air conditioner, humidifiers, pushrod, Tubular moto, and so on. This product not only has global safety approvals to make sure quality but can provide a customized design for buyer requirement as well.

G6 Miniature Micro Switch Specification

Item G6
P1/P11/P12 Rating 0.1A 125/250V 48VDC 5E4 Gold plated contacts optional
05/051/052 Rating 5(3)A 125/250V 30VDC 1/8HP
10/101 Rating 10(2) A 125/250VAC, Only for operating force over 250gf
12 Rating 12(6) A 125/250VAC, Only for operating force over 350gf
Resistance 100mΩ
Dielectric Strength AC 1000V RMS(50~60Hz)
Temperature -25 to 125℃
Service Life Electrical life is 10000 to 50000 cycle; Mechanical life is 1000000 cycle
Item G606
Rating 0.5A 125/250VDC; 0.5A/6A 125/250VAC, 1/4HP 250VAC
Insulation Resistance 100mΩ at 500VDC
Electrical life 50000 to 100000 cycles
Mechanical life 5000000 cycles
Temperature -40 to 125℃
Dielectric Strength AC 750V RMS(50~60Hz)