As microswitch, G10 is a subminiature micro switch. Speaking about this item, the most different with other switch is the size. The length of it is 12.8mm only actually. I mean that it can be used in mouse, electric knife and stapler, calculator, and so on. What’s more, we can do the parameters and part as buyer requirement. Such as operating force, rating,  terminal and lever types, etc.

G10 Subminiature Micro Switch Ordering Instruction

Switch Type Electrical Rating Max Operating Force Terminal Type Lever Type Circuit Code Specifical Designator
G10 series P1:
ENEC/CQC:0.1A 48VDC/125VAC 5E4 40T85
UL/CUL:0.1A 48VDC/125VAC
90gf Max Solder No lever SPDT A: Gold Plated
ENEC/CQC:1A/3A, 125VAC 1E4 40T85
UL/CUL:1A/3A, 125VAC
150gf Max Straight PCB Straight”) Cut Terminals B: For Low current
Other Snap in PCB Straight 13mm(0.52”) 12: Non-halogen Material
Short Solder Straight 18mm(0.71”)
Right PCB Straight 30mm(1.18”)
Left PCB Simulated Roller 15mm(0.59”)
Long Solder Simulated Roller 11.8mm(0.46”)
Special Type Roller 12.8mm(0.5”)

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