Series Small Waterproof Microswitch Features

Zing Ear G3 series switch is a kind of subminiature waterproof micro switch and with IP67 function. So most the designer will use them to resist a wet environment, such as tap, automotive accessories, electric toothbrush, Electric-drive airer, Shared umbrella, waterproof power bank, vacuum cleaner, and so on. In summary, the G3 Subminiature Sealed Micro Switch is widely used in automobile parts and household appliances.

Meanwhile, in order to meet different installing requirements, there have various items for options. For example, you need a switch can install M3 screw, we will provide the item to you. And if you need PCB terminals type, it is also available too so any item you need, any item we can provide.

G3 Subminiature Sealed Micro Switch Parameters

ITEM Series Zing Ear G3
Rating 0.1A 125-250VAC, 3A 12VDC, 0.1A 48VDC
Operating Frequency 0.1A 120 cycle/Min. 3A  10~30 cycle/Min
Resistance (at 500VDC) 100mΩ
Vibration Durability 10~55Hz, 0.75mm(p-p)
Temperature 40T85
Electrical Cycles 100000 cycles
Mechanical Cycles 500000 cycles

Our G3 Series Sub Mini Microswitch For Options

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