G11 Sealed DPDT Limit Micro Switch Features

Zing Ear G11 sealed DPDT limit micro switch is widely used in many kinds of industrial devices. Such as mining equipment, electrical actuator, valve control, power station control, industrial auto control, nuclear power facilities, automobile production line, and so on.

G11 is also a long service switch that can up to 2000000 cycles. Meanwhile, the IP67 waterproof sealed structure can resist water and dust. So, it is a perfect choice for your equipment.

What’s more, this is a double break type limit micro switch which can work efficiently in the circuit control.

G11 Limit Switch Specification

Rating 0.5A 250VDC Max

0.5A/ 5A 250VAC Max

Operating Frequency 10 to 30 cycles/ minute for electrical; 120 cycles/ minute for mechanical
Contact Resistance (Initiative) 30 to 100mΩ Max
Insulation Resistance (at 500 VDC) 100 Ω Min
Dielectric Strength AC 750V RMS (50-60Hz)
Temperature and Humidity -25 to 85 ℃ 25T85 & 85%RH Max
Electrical Life 50000 cycles Min.
Mechanical Life 2000000 cycle Min.
Net weight for reference 110g (8 wires)


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