The Introduction of Electronic Screwdriver

An electronic screwdriver is a tool for installing or removing the screws on a machine. It also calls powered screwdrivers, I mean it is different from the manual type and it saves your time when working. There are brushless type and brush type screw driver on the market. Generally, the brushless is expensive than the brush one.

If a manufacturer wanna produce an electric screwdriver, it needs the know all the accessories. Today, let’s talk about the slide switch and the micro switch in the powered screwdriver. And both of them are snap action switches.

You can see the position of the microswitch and slide switch in the picture. They play a different role in the tool. Firstly, the micro switch is used to control the power ON or OFF. For example, when pressuring the button, the screwdriver begins to work while it will stop when releasing. Secondly, the slide switch can control the direction of rotation by changing the electric circuit. So that user can install or unscrew simply.

electric screwdriver accessories

What switches suitable for an electric screwdriver?

The micro switch

First of all, the micro switch in a small electric screwdriver could be G610-250S00A-T007, which is a 250gf operation force, Solder terminal, SPDT miniature micro switch in the screwdriver. For more detailed information, welcome to contact us to get the drawing and specification.

However, besides the snap action micro switch in picture 1, there are other types of the snap switch that can work on it. For example, our G5T16-K1Z250A switch is suitable for the bigger screwdriver because of its size.

Microswitch in Electric Screwdriver

The slide switch

Our SL01-2 slide switch is the one in the picture to control 2 electric circuits. Similarly, if you need a sample or more information, please feel free to contact us.

slide switch electric screwdriver accessories