We had updated the ENEC Micro Switch from 17 to 15

As the international standard IEC61058 needs to be upgraded to the 2016 version, our company has taken action to re-upgrade the certificate in accordance with the standard requirements. Please refer to the corresponding timetable for each series of products below for the completion time.

The certification authority is changed from the original NEMKO to DEMKO, and its corresponding EU member state code 17(Norway) is changed to 15(Denmark), that is, the ENEC logo is also changed from ENEC17 to ENEC15, but the two Marks are equivalent in the EU.

ENEC micro switch

During this certificate upgrade process, the load and life of each series of products remain the same without any modification.

The original NEMKO ENEC17 certificate will expire on July 23, 2021, Thus, the original ENEC17 Mark products will go out of production, and we will switch to ENEC15 Mark before then. Please see the switching schedule for details below.

If the customer’s terminal product has safety regulations for ENEC17, it needs to be re-filed for ENEC15. The changing time can be determined through communication between the two parties, but the latest cannot be later than June 23, 2021

ENEC15 Zing Ear

All in all, you can see the charging time of our ENEC micro switch series, and if you have any questions, welcome to contact us without any hesitation.