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A. The micro switch working principle in the club car.

The golf cart is a small environmentally vehicle designed originally to carry golfers and their golf clubs around a golf course with less effort than walking. It not only can use in resorts, villa areas but also in garden hotels, tourist attractions, etc. Generally, the golf cart designer uses the microswitch in the accelerator pedal to provide a signal to the solenoid to control vehicle moving. When the pressed pedal, the solenoid will control to press the switch lever then the golf cart will go ahead.

B. Micro Switch types in golf cart

As the picture show, the micro switch is near the solenoid. The different vehicles have different requirements, usually, there is a waterproof and non-waterproof type in the market. In simple terms, the waterproof switch should be more expensive than the non-waterproof types but the installing environment is simple. So which type you wanna choose is depended on your installing environment. Can we use a non-waterproof to replace a waterproof one? Yes, if you can protect them without water but you have better not do that. In this part, it needs 2 switches.

C. Lean to know what kinds of parameters you need before buying? For example, the microswitch rating.

In order to buy the correct golf cart switch, we need to know the parameter of the micro switch. In fact, from the item surface, users can know their item number and brand so that we can find their website and get their contact information. Or try to find a product catalog online (a good brand should have a catalog online) and according to the item number, you can know it all, such as voltage, current, electrical life, operation force, and so on. If you wanna replace it, only to find the same parameters switch. For example, the switch in the picture is V7-7H15D8-263-1, I mean I can easily find is a Honeywell switch, and we can use G5T16-E1Z200A04 simulated roller micro switch to replace it as well.

D. Where to find the micro switch supplier

With the development of electronic commerce, we can buy anything online not just in our location. If for personal use, you can buy on Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, and so on. If for commercial use, you can buy from Alibaba, made in china, global source, etc. Meanwhile, buyers also can contact the switch supplier, like Omron, Honeywell, Zing Ear, etc. Other parts for the golf cart, like the battery supplier, also can visit.

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