How long will a micro switch last?

How long will a micro switch last?

We can use a word to assess how long a microswitch will last, that is the switch service life which includes mechanical life and electrical life.  Generally, the mechanical life will be longer than the electrical life for a micro switch. Because the electrical life test is on position, but the mechanical life is not.

Therefore, rating will effect on switch life. For example, a micro switch rating is “UL/CUL 5A 125VAC”,  the mechanical life is 500,000 cycles and electrical life is 100,000 cycles. If it is in 4A 110VAC rating, the electrical life will over 100,000 cycles but less than 500,000 cycles. On the other hand, if the rating over than 5A 125VAC, the life will be less than 100,000 cycles. All in all, the lower current and voltage, the longer electrical life.

How long will a micro switch last?

Secondly, the effect of instantaneous current. For example, the rating of Zing Ear GT16 snap action switch is 16(4)A 250VAC, it’s Max. instantaneous current 24A, if your actual instantaneous current is over 24A, which will damage switch inside and reduce switch service life.

Thirdly, operating force and travel position. Obviously, a strong outside force will case a switch parts damage and lead to life reducing. Similarly, over travel position will have the same to reduce service life.

All in all, if you wanna know about how long a micro switch will last you need to see the rating and your practical application environment.

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