Micro switch as a part of the tap is to control the heating electric power. For example, if you turn the tap handle to the right side, the power will open, and then the hot water comes out. If turning back to the center or the left side,  there is no hot water. That’s very convenient, especially for winter.

However, you will have no idea when your machine is broken-down unless you are willing to take some cost to repair. Today, I will show you how to find the micro switch inside the tap.

The first step, take off the handle.

The second step, take off the bonnet and cover, you can see the picture like that.

How to replace a microswitch for taps

Now you can see where the microswitch, just check the circuitry problems or replace another one.

How to replace a microswitch for taps

What’s more, we also need to understand what’s the parameters of the switch requirement before installment.  Such as the current, voltage, operating force, etc. in order to make sure the microswitch can work well. Hey, you may have some questions about how I can know the parameters. Awesome, I mean we can learn from the following two aspects. On one hand, get information from the microswitch surface because most of the switches have their item number.  And, once you search the internet it will be easy to find the specification. On the other hand, you can check your tap inner design, and know the rating requirement. In this way, we also can know the parameters too.  Besides, this item is the waterproof type, the link will teach how to recognize waterproof and non-waterproof micro switch.

All in all, you just use a subminiature waterproof micro switch to replace it, like our G303 series.

In fact, microswitch for taps can be had many different types of items. It is depended on its design, so if you are an electric faucet company, please send us a request, we will accord to your request to recommend an item to you.

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