Most of people are familiar with joystick but the micro switch. In fact, micro switch is a parts of it to deliver a signal in a circuit. If we wanna know microswitch joystick, we need to understand what is a joystick.

Joysticks pull off a really neat trick. They take something entirely physical and translate it into something entirely mathematical. With a good joystick, the translation is so flawless that you completely forget about it. When you’re really engaged in a game, you feel like you’re interacting with the virtual world directly.

There are about 4 types of joysticks in the market, including Digital Joysticks, Paddle Joysticks, (Pc ) Analog Joysticks, and Joypads. But micro switch joystick what is belong to? Actually, it is the Analog Joysticks. You can see the attached picture, there are 4 pieces of micro switches in the bottom. When user control the roller to left side, then the left side switch will be pressured and the circuit from NC to NO, the signal transmission successful.

joystick microswitch

Strong operation force, long lever, SPDT current code are the requirement of this joystick micro switch.

And, it not only widely used in Arcade, but the UFO catcher as well.

However, now we can know the micro switch joysitck but where we can find a joystick microswitch? This item is a basic snap action switch you also can find in our website(G5T16-E1Z***A02 or 03). And if you have any question, welcome to contact us.

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