A shift lever microswitch is used for signalization in a car shift system. Today, I will use Cadillac SLS as an example to show you how to replace the micro switch on shift lever

Firstly, in order to operate easily, we need to take the whole shift system off the car to the ground. Like the picture show. Because of the invisible screws, we need to unload carefully or may damage your parts inside.

micro switch on shift levershift lever micro switch

Secondly, find where the micro switch is. Open the shift lever inner structure, you can see a 2 solder terminal micro switch wiring with cable. Let look carefully, we can know the rating of this item is 0.1A, 5E4, and T120. This is why I say the micro switch is only for signalization in the car system. Then, take it off with a soldering iron.

replace micro switch on shift leverreplace micro switch on shift lever

Thirdly, solder a new switch to replace the old one.

Fourthly, do the re-installment.

replace micro switch on shift lever

Meanwhile,  if you want use another brand switch to replace it. You need to make sure most of the parameters are the same as the primary switch and do some tests. For us, our G9 sealed micro switch can replace perfectly.

All in all, the article is only for reference. People also use other micro switches on shift levers which is dependent on the design. Our G3 series sub-mini microswitch and G10 subminiature micro switch are used in the shift system as well.

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