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How a time switch work

The timer also called time switch that is a specialized type of clock used for measuring specific time intervals. Generally, it is including 2 types and one is counting upwards and the other one is counting down. Today, we talk about is the second type which its inner structure contains a micro switch, the shutdown micro time switch.

time switches

The application of the time switch

The time switch could be used anywhere, such as a dryer, defrost, instant pot, LED light, aquarium UV light time control, microwave time control, and so on. Generally, the switch will look like as the picture show.

How to replace the switch in the timmer

You can see the internal structure and the parts from the picture. Yes, the most important thing is the micro switch. The problem is how to identify and replace the micro switch. I mean we need to understand what kinds of items we need and then can know how to replace them. For example, the different timer will use different kinds of microswitch, but they have one thing in common which is they are all the normally open micro switch. So if you wanna change it, you need to find a NO switch. One more thing, we need to make sure the operating force can match the old one. In fact, the terminals are not the point and the user just needs to solder it.

So, the micro switch in a timer is very simple to find and replace.

micro switch in the timer
micro switch in the time switch

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