Project Description

Zing Ear SL01 Switch

Item Number SL01 series
Rating 8A 250VAC/ 16A 125VAC 13(3)A 250VAC
Temperature T125
Electrical Life 10000 1E4 PT175
Shell Material Plastic
Function 2P4T
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Slide Switches Features

High-quality switches with global safety certification

Zing Ear SL01 DP4T Switch have various certificates to ensure the product quality, such as ENEC, CQC, CB, UL, and CUL certification. Meanwhile, the more than 10000 electrical life for it also is a high-quality product. We welcome customers to test the product before place an order, the free samples are available.

The different circuit diagram, terminals and knob for option

Firstly, the circuit diagram, at least 7 types of choice for you. For more detail, please see the drawing or contact us. Secondly, there 7 kinds of terminals we can provide, such as PCB, Solder, and Quick Connect Terminal. Thirdly, if you need other knobs, you can see from our drawing, it is 12 kinds of them for option.

SL01 Slide Switch Drawing and Ordering Instruction

8 Position Pin DP4T Slide Switch
8 Position Pin DP4T Slide Switch

Zing Ear Manufacturer Advantages

Why choose us?

  • Firstly, we are the factory of Zing Ear switch for many years,  so we can provide you the high standard quality switch products, such as micro switch, limit switch, dimmer switch, and so on;
  • Secondly, we have approved by ISO9001,ISO/TS16949, ENEC, RoHS, REACH, CQC etc. Therefore, we not only can know your requirement professionally, but also we provide you certificates.
  • Thirdly, we will help you to solve your problem in the project, because our engineer and sales will service you in the same time.
  • What’s more, if you need other electron components, we can help you to buy them and ship with our switches together.
8 Position Pin DP4T Slide Switch

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