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G5E16-100AP M3 Terminal SPST Normally Opened Suminiature Micro Swtich

G5 Basic Micro Switch

Model Number: G5E16-100AP

– Small Compact Size

– Long Life and High Reliablity
– Variety of Terminals
– PTI rated 400V
– Widely applied for home appliances,Widely applied for home appliances,equipments, communicat ion equi pments,auto electronics, apparatus and instruments,electrical tools etc. Specially used for electric heating tap industry.

Product Parameters

Operating speed
0. 1mm-1m/s(Related with actuator forms)
Operating frequency
Mechanical 60 cycles/min; Electrical 15 cycles/min.
Insulation resistance
≥ 100 Ω  (500VDC)
Contact resistance
≤ 100m Ω (Initial value)
Between each terminals of the same polarity
AC1000V, 50/60нz, Imin
Betweencurrent-carrying metal partand ground. and between eachterminaland non -current carring metal parts
AC1500V, 50/60HZ, 1min.
Vibration resistance
10-55HZ, 1.5mm  Double amplitude
Storage Temperature
Storage Humidity
85%RH Max
Electrical Service Life
50000次/ cycles
Mechanical Service Life
1000, 000次/cycles
G5E16-100AP M3 Terminal SPST Normally Opened Suminiature Micro Swtich

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