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G5W11 Waterproof Micro Switch

G5W11 Waterproof Micro Switch

Model Number: G5W11-WZ200-W2

– Water Proof and Dust Proof

– Tight Structure、SmallContactGap SnapAction、HighSensitivity

– Long Life、high Precision and Reliablity

– Widelyuseedin Auto, AgriculturalEquipment、 Applications、0ffice Equipmentetc

– Max ApprovedCurrent at ENEC/UL is 10A

– Home Appliances, Automatic Equipments, Auto Electronics

Product Parameters

Rating W1
ENEC 0. 1A 48VDC, 0. 1A 125/250VAC, 40T85, 5E4, u
UL 0. 1A 48VDC, O. 1A 125/250VAC, T85
Rating W2
ENEC: 5A 48VDC, 0. 1A 125/250VAC, 40T85, 5E4,u
UL: 5A 125/250VAC, 5A 30VDC T85
Rating W3
ENEC 10 (2) A 125/250VAC, 0. 5A 125VDC, 0. 25A 250VDC, 40T85, u, 2e4
UL 10. 1A 1/10HP 125/250VAC, 0. 5A 125VDC, 0. 25A 250VDC, T85
0perating Frequency – Electrical
10~30 time/min
0perating Frequency – Mechanical
60 times/min
Contact Resistance (Intial Value) – with terminal type
50m Ω Max
Contact Resistance (Intial Value) – with wire type
100m Ω Max (Depends on the length of the wire)
Insulation Resistance
at 500vdc, 100M Ω Min.
Dielectric Strength – Between terminals
AC 1000V 50-60Hz 1min
Dielectric Strength – terminals and housing
AC 1500V 50-60Hz 1min
Storage Temperature
-40° C^+85° c
Strorage Humidity
85%RH Max
Protection Grade – With terminal type
IEC IP67 (exclude terminal)
Protection Grade – With wire type
Electric-shock safeguard grade
Class II
E – Life
2E4~10E4 cycles (depends on P/Ns)
M – Life
over 500, 000cycles 1, 000,000cycles(60cycles/min)
Unit Net Weight
Approx. 7g (with terminals type and without lever)

Product Parameters

G5W11 Waterproof Micro Switch


Q1: Are you a trading company or manufacturer?

A: yes.we are an original manufacturer specializing in micro switches over 30 years.

Q2: What is your MOQ?

A:Normally,We have only accept the MOQ is 100pcs.

Q3: what is the warranty time?

A: It is about 1-2 years.

Q4: Could you offer us free samples?

A: yes, Afrer the certain design or items is confirmed,free samples could be provided within 2-5 days.

Q5. what is the leading time of mass production?

A: About 2-4 weeks.

Q6: what is the capacity per month?

A:It is over 8 million pieces per month for micro switch series,and over 20 million pieces per month for keyboard switch series.

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