How a Micro Switch work in a Electric Rice Cooker?

In fact, the micro switch plays a safety switch role in the electric cooker to prevent heating without food. I mean if no food inside, the power will not turn on, but when we put the rice and water in it, the electric appliance power will be turned on and begin to cook. Meanwhile, the switch will ensure the lid closing at all times, which not only is more efficient but safe for users as well.

Where is the micro switch in the electric rice cooker?

As the picture shows that the switch is at the bottom of the cooker, and we also can take it off easily.

micro switch in the bottom of rice cooker

The Common Problems & Repair Method of a Micro Switch

Firstly, as time pass by, the terminals will become rusty that the continuity will be affected. For this situation, we can use a new one to replace or burnish to reduce the rust.

Secondly, you can’t pressure the switch down because the plunger damage. The solution is to open the microswitch inside and uses a new one to replace it. I wrote an article to show how to open a micro switch, if you are interested, click the link to see.

Thirdly, the snap action inside full of junk so that the switch can work. We can also open to clean the rubbish for this case.

Finally, the switch is broken because of a short circuit, or other reasons. Therefore, we have to use a new one for the substitution. Before that, we need a understand what a micro switch you need for an Electric Rice Cooker.

What do the parameters need for a rice cooker microswitch?

First of all, the input voltage for most of the home appliances is from 100V to 250V, and the current is under 16A. Thus, the switch must meet the requirement that. Besides, due to the function of the switch, it is the SPST normally open type but some cooker use the SPDT type which is dependent on the circuit design and wiring method.

All in all, our G5T16 series is suitable for the electric rice cooker, welcome to click and see more details.

Rice cooker micro switch
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