What are microswitch with audible click?

We are not difficult to find that there 2 type of microswitch on the market. One of them is silent switch and another one is audible click siwtch. The most easily to identify is whether it can hear the sound when be pressed and released. For example, when you use a mouse to click the right or left mouse button that is what we talk about micro switch with audible click.

However,  they are quite different in internal structure. From the attached picture below, we can see the actual difference and can classify into 3 types, which including leaf spring, spring and clip types. And the leaf Spring and Spring types belong to audible click siwtch while clip type switch belongs to silent micro switch.

What are microswitch with audible click

So, what are microswitch with audible click? In fact, the audible click sound from a micro switch is because the contacts strike on each other. Generally, the bigger size, the louder. Zing Ear G5, G6, G10, G5W11 and G9 series are the micro switch with audible click and G304 series are silent microswitch which can hear a “audible click”. More qustion and prodcut information, please feel free to contact us, thank you.

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