What is a micro switch

If you need to recognize what does it means you need to understand what’s micro switch first. I had uploaded an additional article to inform the mini is. In fact, the micro switch additionally calls snap-action switch that is an electrical button that is activated by very little operating pressure, through the use of a tipping-point device to regulate the circuit. For even more information, please see the short article.

Generally, there at least 3 types of circuit codes to control the micro switch “ON” or “OFF”, and different type have the different requirement for wiring.

SPDT SPST Normally Closed and Open Micro Switch Compared

A SPDT microswitch “OFF” and “ON” means

The SPDT is a snap action switch with single pole dual toss and these buttons have 3 terminals or 3 wires to connect usually. They control the circuit “ON” as well as “OFF” in the CON, NC, and NO terminal of the circuit respectively. In fact, an SPDT button can regulate 2 loopholes at most. For example, A, B, and also C, C is the con terminals. A connect with C ends up being an AC loop that can control light 1. B with C becomes a BC loophole that can regulate light 2 however C just can attach solely with A or B. So when C attaches witch A, light 1 is “ON”, as well as light 2 is “OFF”. While C changing to B (when pressuring the mini switch pin bettor), light 2 is “ON” and also light 1 is “OFF”. Overall, the turn ON or OFF has to do with the button changing the existing circuit. This is characteristic of the SPDT switch.

The SPST NC and NO switch OFF ON means

For Normally Closed Micro Switch

A single pole single throw only can control one current circuit. And the microswitch ON or OFF state is dependent on the switch belong to NC or NO. Meanwhile, the SPST type switches only have 2 terminals or 2 wires for connection.

For the normally closed micro-switch, the loop circuit is always in a closed state unless presses the plunger to switch it. That means if this switch controls an indicator light, the light should be ON. However, when pressuring the plunger, the circuit cuts off, and the indicator light will stop lighting which means OFF.

For Normally Open Micro Switch

On the other hand, for the normally open type snap-action switch, “ON” means pushing the plunger and “OFF” means releasing the plunger. Which is the reverse effect with NC type.

To sum up, the OFF ON on a micro switch means need to know from which type belong. The NC is ON and NO is OFF.

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