What kind of metal is in a micro switch?

Most of the microswitch includes these parts, like a lever, Internal lever, Terminals (NC/NC and Common), Plunger, Case, Cover, Contacts, Movable Plate, Sharpnel/ Spring, etc. And the parts of the lever, terminals, contact, movable plate, shrapnel or spring are all made of metal. Because of different requirements, like anti-corrosion, micro switch manufacturers will use different kinds of metal to assemble them. As a result, these kinds of requirements will cause a different price for a micro switch.

Generally, most of the material for these metal parts in a micro switch is alloy. For example, the microswitch lever and Internal lever are stainless steel, and the terminals could be Cu alloy or ferroalloy with silver or gold plate.
What’s more, the metal contact is Cu and Ag alloy material. Most of the shrapnel is a copper alloy and the Spring is SWC.

All in all, the kind of metal in a micro switch most of them is cu alloy! You can try to separate in piece, then you will find it.

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What kind of metal is in a micro switch?
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