That is easy to find it!

Firstly, the door switch is a micro switch to control the current in machine to make sure the door is closed before you switch on the circuit. But how to find the door switch in a micro-wave. Let’s go to find it.

We can see from the picture, the switch is on the right side of the machine.

Where is microwave door switch

You can’t see the micro switch unless you take off the control panel. When it is taken off, we can see the micro switch, there are 2 pieces of microswitches behind the oven frame. Such as the following picture.

microwave door switch (2)

It is really easy, right? However, we not only need to know where it is, but we need to know how to replace it.

So we need to understand what kinds of micro switch is behind the micro-wave. In fact, the different micro-wave ovens have the different requirement for switches. For example, the microswitch in the picture is the G5T16 series, C1 terminal and SPST normally closed design, which is so important to decide if you can replace successfully or not.

microwave door switch (2)

What’s more, the temperature, electric current, voltage, and operation force is also what you need to confirm. However, if you are not so sure about the parameter, you can ask the microswitch supplier to confirm. Our Linkedin