The light type ceiling fan is a mechanical fan installed on the ceiling of the living room or bedroom and electrically powered generally. The difference with the traditional fan, it not only can blowing the wind to cool people but can illuminate the room as well, which is pleased with people. So it is quite popular on the market.

Generally, the fan consists of the fan blade part and lamp parts. The ceiling fan parts components include the blade, case, pull chain switch, wattage limit device, lamp holder, wire harness, terminal block, connectors, and so on(please contact us if you want them). If a fan manufacturer wanna collect all the accessories will be very hard if they can’t buy from one or two factory company. There is no doubt it will waste buyers much time and money to buy them all.

  • What does the pull chain switch do on a ceiling fan?

For most fans, the pull switch is not only used to control the fan rotation speed, power ON/OFF but also to adjust the brightness and power of the light. Such as the 3-speed, ON/FF, L1 to 4, LO-HI-OFF, etc.

Besides, choosing a pull switch also need to know the current and voltage requirement. For instance, in American home use, we can use the 125VAC but if in the United Kingdom we may choose the 250VAC type.


  • The wattage limit device for protection

The wattage limit device also calls power limiter which is used to resist the current of an electrical circuit for lamps and ceiling fans. When the load is less than or equal to a numerical, the light bulb works normally while overload happen, the limiter will switch off the circuit for a moment.


  • Holder and Lamp

As the lamp parts, the holder and lamp is also import for the fan. Above all, the holder must fit with the light size. Usually, the T8, T5, E27, T12, GU-24, E12, etc are the common type.


  • The role to connect all the parts.The wire harness & connectors.

For this purpose, the wire harness set can connect all the components and make them work. The manufacturer only chooses the type that they need.
Besides, the close-end and screw-on connector, terminal block, and pull chain type are also available and they can use in the ceiling fan production process.


In a word, if you wanna collect them all, don’t buy from too many companies. Moreover, the quality is very important especially the certification. The goods news is that all these parts are available in Zing Ear, which was founded in 1983. So we have a lot of experience in production and service. Besides, our products are approved by UL, c-UL, CSA, ENEC, CQC, TUV to make sure product quality.