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The Features of Pull Switch

The Zing Ear pull chain switch also calls pull-cord switch is a switch that is actuated by means of a chain to control home appliances’ power supply or power switching. For example, it can control the power in ON or OFF or switching power from one lamp to another by one pull to switch on and next pull to switch off. This is very convenient for people to use, and it is safe because the people will be separated from the electricity by a safe distance if the lead is made of cotton and plastic string. This material is electrically insulating.

Meanwhile, the design also looks beautiful and dignified which is a very good choice for home decoration. So these kinds of switches are also popular, Like the ceiling fan and hunter fan. There are many quantities of items for options, such as zing ear e89885,  ze-268s6, ze-208s, ze-268s6, and so on.

Zing Ear Switches Certificates

Zing Ear has been founded in 1983 and we have rich experience in switch production and research & development, so the product quality is very reliable. In order to meet the requirement of different countries, the products also have UL, CSA, CQC, and TUV certificates. For more details, welcome to contact us, we not only can provide the certificates but also provide free samples to you for testing.

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