The advantage and disadvantage of micro switch supplier In China

Now, The world of “Made in China” is common for international buyers. And China is the most popular world factory because of its price, production capacity, delivery time, and quality. So, the micro switch suppliers are also the same. Especially 2020 later. Because of the effect of C O V I D -19, many the delivery time become very long, some of the switch produced from other countries even up to 6 months. But if you order 1000,000 pcs of microswitches only need one month which is 6 times faster than other countries. Besides, in China many manufacturer companies especially in Guangdong, like the Zing Ear, Toneluck can provide a very good product quality with good price and good delivery time. Some of the models of quality are almost the same as world-famous brands such as Omron, Honeywell, Cherry, and so on, and the price and delivery time are better.

However, not all the microswitch suppliers are at the same level. Buyers are very easy to buy from the small switch factory with a bad experience. A good supplier should have a professional engineering department that can solve many problems in early product design. Secondly, compared with Omron, Honeywell, the technical level of most snap action switch companies are not good enough. For example, some special requirements like the temperature of 200℃, and the electrical life of more than 1000000 cycles. Which are few factories can produce.

In conclusion, the advantage is that china’s micro switch suppliers have a good price, good quality, well delivery time, and good service. But the disadvantage is the technical problem.

micro switch supplier

The difference of manufacturer and trading company supplier

A.How to distinguish a factory and trading company?

Most important point is that if you can go to see its factory. And if the supplier can supply the certificates to you in their company name unless their a group company. But is really so important if the supplier is a manufacturer or a trading company?

B.For electronic components suppliers, what kinds of suppliers will help you most?

Let’s discuss it. As a buyer for electronic components, we always not only need micro switch but also the other switch even the connector and PCB. If a manufacturer only produces one kind of switch and can’t supply other parts you need. You should take a lot of time and shipping fee to collect all the parts.

Yes, you may say that the trading company can do this for me. You are right, but they can’t help you most because of the price and engineering support.

In fact, the most helpful supplier is the group company. For example, Zing Ear Group are consists of more than 10 companies that can do the production, procurement, OEM, ODM, engineering design, shipping. Meanwhile, the range of the products of micro switch, push button switch, dimmer switch, pull chain switch, slide switch, lamp holder, plugs & receptacle, and so on.

These kinds of suppliers have rich varieties of products and many years of experience in customer service. That should be your most helpful micro switch supplier for you.