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  • Ceiling Fan Switch ZE-208S6-2 (2)
  • Ceiling Fan Switch ZE-208S6-2 (4)

Short Description: The ZE-208S6-2 ceilingfan switch is a pull chain switch with OFF, L-1, L-2-3, L-3 function, and UL & CSA certificates in 3-6A, 125/250V rating.

Item Number ZE-208S6-2
Rating 3A 250VAC/6A 125VAC
Up Shell Material Plastic
Base Material Phenolic
Function OFF, L-1, L-2-3, L-3
Certification UL, CSA
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ZE-208S6-2 Switch Details

Pull-cord switch Features

The ZE-208S6-2 ceiling fan speed switch is a pull chain type with OFF, L-1, L-2-3, L-3 functions to control the fan’s speed. So, it can control 3 speed, which includes the high, medium, low speed and OFF. Meanwhile, we not only have UL but also have CSA certificates in 3A, 125, and 6250V ratings. Besides, the up shell’s material is plastic and the base is phenolic.

ZE-109 Pull Switch Drawing

The Drawing of Ceiling Fan Switch ZE-208S6-2

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