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Item Number ZE-800 Series
Standard Rating 1.5-20 AMPER
Input Power 125VAC/ 250VAC/ 32VDC
Dielectric Strength 1500VAC/ 1 Minute
Interrupt Capacity 125VAC*1000A, 250 VAC * 200A
Insulation Resistance > 100MΩ
Contact Endurance: 125VAC * 150% of Rated current- 500cycles
Reset Type  Manual Push Reset/ Auto Reset
Calibration 25-105℃ of rated current continously carry
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ZE-800 Circuit Braker Details

The Features of Zing Ear ZE-800

The circuit electric Load breaker switch is an immediately operated electrical button designed to shield an electrical circuit from damages caused by excess current from an overload or short circuit. Its fundamental function is to interrupt the existing flow after a fault is identified. Unlike a fuse, which runs when and afterward should be changed, a circuit breaker can be reset (either by hand or immediately) to resume a typical procedure.

The MAX. internal resistance ZE-800 series is from 0.150 Ω to 0.006 Ω, and in 1.5 Amp to 20 Amp.  Meanwhile, the breaker switch has a manual push reset and auto reset for choice. Besides, this item also gets the certificates of UL, CUL, and  CSA.

Drawing of Electric Circuit Load Breaker Switch

ZE-800 Breaker Switch Drawing

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