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  • PCB Waterproof 3A 12 Volt Micro Switch
  • PCB Waterproof 3A 12 Volt Micro Switch

PCB Waterproof 3A 12 Volt Micro Switch

Item Number G303-130L02A53
Rating 0.1A,125/250VAC; 3A/12VDC; 0.1A/48VDC
Electrical Life 100,000cycles
Mechanical Life 500,000cycles
Dielectric Strength 500VAC (50~60Hz)
Temperature -40~85℃ (40T85)
Lever Type Straight Leaf Lever
Storage Humidity 85%RHMax
Circuitcode SPDT
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G303 Micro Switch Details

Sub Mini Microswitch Fetures

Welcome to know more about our G303 12 Volt micro switch.

Firstly, people can use it in a small space working environment because of the small compact size design.

Secondly, the switch not only has an IP67 waterproof rubber ring in the pin plunger but the waterproof coating in the switch body as well. So it can work well in a wet or outdoor environment. Such as car parts, Air conditioners, toys, electronic toothbrushes, and so on.  Thus, this is the reason why the non-waterproof type is cheaper than the waterproof type. 

In order to meet the requirement of our customers, the G303 series micro switch has got the global safety approvals, like UL, CUL ENEC CQC

What is more, as a years experience of switch manufacturer, our team is good at switch custom. Only if you can accept our MOQ, we can do it for you

If you don’t need custom service, we also have a variety of levers and terminals for your option. By the way, the quantity of the item is more than 100

However, we also provide free samples to you. 

Waterproof Snap Action Drawing and Photos

PCB Waterproof 3A 12 Volt Micro Switch
PCB Waterproof 3A 12 Volt Micro Switch
PCB Waterproof 3A 12 Volt Micro Switch
PCB Waterproof 3A 12 Volt Micro Switch

The G3 Series Waterproof Micro Switch Order Guide

PCB Waterproof 3A 12 Volt Micro Switch
As you can see, we can do the parameters as you want. So you can contact us to tell us your request. For instance, the terminal size, operating force, lever type, and etc. all of them can be custom. Therefore, we can provide all micro switch and other product you need to you satisfactorily.

Huizhou Granye Industrial Co., Ltd

As an illustration, you can see the picture from the left side. It not only show the parameters of this series microswitch, but you can choose your item easily as well.

For example, if you need a switch in 0.1A 125VAC/250VAC 48VDC( or 3A 12VDC), Lead Wire, without lever SPST normally open 130gf operating force and MAX 85℃. You can choose our G303-130E00C15-GF. However, if you are not sure, you also can contact and tell us your requirement, we will recommend an item for you.

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PCB Waterproof 3A 12 Volt Micro Switch

Why Choose us? The Zing Ear Micro Switch Manufacturer

  • On one hand, we have been the factory of Zing Ear switch for many years so that we can provide you the high standard quality micro switch products;
  • On the order hand, the factory and products have approved by ISO9001, ISO/TS16949, ENEC, RoHS, REACH, CQC, etc. Which is the most different with all the small manufacturers. 
  • Meanwhile, compared with Omron, Honeywell, Cherry, and MARQUARDT switch, we accept small quantity and custom product service with a short delivery time. The free samples are available too.
  • Therefore, we not only can provide you the high-quality switch and professional service but also we provide you certificates.
  • What’s more, if you need other electronic components, we can help you to buy them and ship them with our switch.
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