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  • IP67 SPST Plunger Car Door Handle Micro Switch
  • cadillac sts door handle micro switch
  • cadillac sts micro switch
Item Number G306-150E00CA-300
Rating DC 30V,  0.1A(100mA), DC 14V 0.01A(10mA)
Protection Level IP67
Temperature -45~85℃ (25T85)
Electrical Life 300,000cycles(20times/min.)
Dimension 27.8mm*10.3mm
Terminal Type Leaded wire
Voltage Resistance AC1000V, 50/60Hz, 1min
Circuit Code SPST Normally Open
Post Type M3
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Product Description

Car Door Handle Micro Switch Features

Zing Ear G306-150E00CA-300-T001 IP67 is a waterproof electrical micro switch with a plunger and 2 wires. So it not only can be used in a wet environment even on a rainy day but is suitable for automotive cars (like the Cadillac STS door handle), trucks, forklifts, home appliances, electronic equipment, etc.

The rating of this item is 0.1A 30V DC and 0.1A 14VDC. In order to meet different countries’ requirements from all over the world, it has got the ENEC, CQC, UL, and CUL certificates.

Meanwhile, G306 not only has reliable quality but also has a long service life. For example, the minimum mechanical life is 300000 cycles. Therefore, you may no need to change the switch in the working life of the machinery.

In addition, the G306-150E00CA door handle micro switch is in an SPST NO circuit code without a lever. However, we also have other different options for this item such as SPDT, SPST NC, different levers, wire type, operation forces, terminals, and so on.

In conclusion, this item should be your best choice. 

More Details Product Information for G306 Micro Switch

After that, if you wanna know what does Zing Ear G306 micro switch in the car door do?   Welcome to click the link to see the more details

Subminiature Waterproof Sealed Automotive Micro Switch

On the other hand, if you need some FREE SAMPLES please feel free to contact us, we not only provide samples for free but provide a ONE-STOP solution to solve your project problem.

G306 cadillac sts door handle micro switch photos

How to choose a microswitch item?

For example,  you can see the picture from the left side. It not only shows the parameters of this series microswitch, but you can choose your item easily as well.

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G306 Subminiature micro switch items

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